Announcement: Zapnito and Springer Nature Extend Partnership

Announcement: Zapnito and Springer Nature Extend Partnership

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Zapnito announces that global academic publisher, Springer Nature will be expanding its 7-year partnership with the all-in-one platform provider, built to power community led- growth.

Charles Thiede, CEO and Co-Founder of Zapnito, adds:

Springer Nature has always been ahead of the curve in terms of innovation, and really illustrates what’s possible with online communities. They’ve used their expert community to forge genuine connections amongst their audience of authors, editors, and researchers. We’re incredibly proud of our partnership and the role Zapnito has played in the development of their community platforms.

Working together since 2015, Zapnito have helped Springer Nature develop a series of online community blog and networking platforms which have provided the publisher with an additional avenue to support and foster journal and community engagement. By centralising where its audience - the academic community - can network, share information, and learn more around key topics and the latest research pertinent to their interests, they have created a streamlined user experience.

Thanks to those expert communities, author engagement has increased; with 60% of authors saying that they are more likely to submit their next article to Springer Nature following their experience with the Communities and reporting 95% satisfaction in their experience.

The expanded partnership will further build out these networks and community blogs, building on the ways in which Springer Nature enables the interdisciplinary connection between its global networks of researchers, authors, and editors.

Director of Editorial Engagement, Springer Nature, Marc Gillett further commented:

With a rapidly and continually changing digital world we are focused on ensuring that we continue to provide our communities with the tools and services that best suit their changing needs and engagement styles. Ensuring that they can continue to connect with the global community, build on the development of their high quality research and connect on key issues to them. The development of our community-led platforms is a central demonstration of that commitment and we look forward to developing these further with Zapnito.

Springer Nature’s community platforms can be found here, and the case study with more information and results from the current partnership here.

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