Community hub: introducing our network for collaboration

Community hub: introducing our network for collaboration

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Community managers obviously understand the power of online communities for knowledge sharing and community networking. But how to actually see and prove the value of online communities for business growth?  

The answer to that question and many more can be found in Zapnito's new online community. A place centring on community-led growth. There you will find exclusive events, webinars, content and the only course in the market dedicated to this theme. Plus a place to connect with other community managers and business leaders in a dedicated space. Join our dedicated network for community managers and discover more.

An online community that’s worth your time

The Zapnito community is the only place you can find more in-depth information about community-led growth, a major tactic for many organisations at the moment. We have all the content you need to help you define and implement the best community-led growth strategy, including a brand-new online course.

Let’s face it, community managers often wear many hats, so having a space to connect with your peers and learn from each other will prove invaluable in the long run. You never know what tips and tricks you might find that will boost your community growth.

Access exclusive content on community-led growth

What makes an online community so attractive is the exclusive content and events that you won’t otherwise get access to. In the new Zapnito community, everything is tailored to the needs and challenges of community managers. You’ll find the latest thinking from industry experts, customers, and influencers, about community-led growth. Plus, you’ll get access to the best community and marketing thought leaders to help supercharge your community growth. 

The community-led growth flywheel

Learn from community thought leaders, including Zapnito’s CEO Charles Thiede, about community-led growth models including the flywheel.

The community-led growth flywheel introduces the four areas that a strong online community influences:

  1. Acquisition: when a customer first commits to your organisation and community. They are getting to know you.
  2. Adoption: this is when your customer is beginning to understand the value that your company and community brings them.
  3. Retention: this is when they feel loyal towards your brand and community and are more likely to stay.
  4. Advocacy: eventually those happy customers refer others to your brand and community, creating new growth opportunities. 

Get exclusive insights about the flywheel and the pathways and tactics to push members from one stage to another.

Exclusive Content

Ebooks and articles about online community strategies and tactics from industry thought leaders.

Interview Series

Hear from industry leaders on their thoughts about community-led growth, and how they are using it to see business growth. 

First up, Neil Morgan of CMO Advisory, who sees community-led growth as flipping the funnel on its head, “Traditional methods of B2B marketing are becoming challenged with content being ever more crowded, it’s really expensive to compete. Likewise, outbound marketing like ads are getting harder to stand out and again, it’s expensive,” he said. The solution? Online communities that put customers at the heart.”

Read more in his interview on the community now.

Online Course

The only FREE online course for community leaders about community-led growth, developed by Zapnito and exclusive to community members.

Product news and feedback

That extends to your thoughts on the Zapnito community platform and features. The community will give you a space to give feedback on anything you like and give ideas for new features. Plus, our product team will update you regularly on what’s new and coming up on the Zapnito platform.

Have we piqued your interest? If so, head over to the Zapnito community now and sign up!


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